South Island Travel Diary


South Island Travel Diary: Day 8

January 3rd, 2017

Invercargill to Queenstown via Milford Sound

Highlight: The Buffet

Lowlight: The amount of driving today, so sleepy!

5:15 am and the alarm goes off, what were we thinking?! With barely any sleep and feeling quite seedy we set off for Te Anau to go on our Milford Sound tour. Gutted that the weather is so foggy and bleak on the one day we needed amazing. We have managed to miss a lot of the rain thus far, but today it caught up to us.

Grace drove this morning and Mike looked cozy as all tucked up in the back. I regret not sleeping on the drive too. We got to Te Anau found a park and got a dirty pie each for breakfast. I got steak and cheese and it was loaded with steak. We made pretty good time on the trip in, yay for no wind.

I’m so sleepy I have been sleeping on Mike’s arm during the boring bits. It’s so warm in the van/bus that it’s hard to stay awake. When we get out to explore it’s a good break from the heat. I had no idea when I booked the tour that it included a bus tour. This added more time, but I think it was worth it.

Stops along the way:

  • Egglington Valley (that they set on fire back in the day)
  • The mirror lake
  • Knobs flat
  • Waterfall
  • Falls creek (worlds wettest water)
  • Homer’s Tunnel

We left the tunnel and there was basically no visibility. We are missing what we can only assume are spectacular views. It was a pretty cool tunnel, it went downhill and we were a lot lower down out the other side. We boarded the boat and were given our pita pit. Pre-made sandwiches would usually concern me, but they were delicious! Chicken nom nom

We spent the first part of the cruise on the top deck, it was very windy and wet up there though. Mike and I went below deck (I had a sneaky kit kat and hot chocolate). We then went out to the front of the boat (which was crazy windy, but so fun) and took lots of photos. This was the least crowded part of the boat due to the weather.

I was starting to feel quit sick so I went back to sit below deck. The fur seals were so cute, it was cool how the captain was able to move the boat around seal rock. The rest of the squad (minus Mike) stood outside when the boat went right up to the waterfall. Screw that! They came back absolutely soaked.

Interesting fact: There are only 2 permanent waterfalls in Milford Sound. This changes due to weather, there can be thousands after rain. Today I reckon there were a few hundred.

Stops on the way home:

  • The Chasm
  • Homer’s tunnel
  • Lake Gunn
  • Russell Lupins (the wild flowers I love are actually weeds)

Frank the tank was our tour driver and he was hilariously grumpy! Loved his banter about other drivers. Except he never turned the microphone off and you could always hear him breathing and eating. We left Te Anau and I pretty much slept on and off the entire way to Queenstown. Once we arrived in Queenstown everyone had showers, to get ready for the skyline experience.

Once we arrived at the skyline I got super nervous at how ridiculously steep the Gondola was. I went up with Grace, Dan and Mike. Once at the top everyone went on the luge and I went on a photography mission. My new battery didn’t last very long and I didn’t get all the photos I wanted. The buffet was amazing! I have never seen so much food. There was fresh seafood, meat, salads, sushi, cold platters, cheeses, sauces, sweet treats and so much more. The venison was my

The buffet was amazing! I have never seen so much food. There was fresh seafood, meat, salads, sushi, cold platters, cheeses, sauces, sweet treats and so much more. The venison was my favourite followed closely by the lamb. I accidentally ate an anchovy, it was awful. Now I am so full and lying in bed is extremely uncomfortable. I hope I get a good night sleep because we have another early day tomorrow. Thankfully it’s the last of the big days!

South Island Travel Diary: Day 7

January 2nd, 2017

Dunedin to Bluff

Highlight: The gypsy bus
Lowlight: The massive walk back from Cathedral Caves

I don’t want to leave the hotel. I had one of those sleeps where you wake up and only felt like you just put your head down. I got up at 6:30 to do my hair and feel fresh (not to sure why I bothered, it is drizzling and looking like it’s going to get worse). 8am and we are off to early start (after having to wake Grace up because she forgot to set an alarm, such a Hufflepuff). Our first stop is Nugget Point Lighthouse.

The others are all doing the Cadbury factory tour in Dunedin, then going to Baldwin street and the Six60 house. I am gutted to miss out on those things, but I figure the natural landmarks are more rewarding. Feeling pretty shattered today. Trying to stay awake on the drive to keep Mike alert.

The road to Nugget Point was windy and gravel. The cool thing was, we were driving along the cost for a while. It looked pretty rugged for the east coast, there were lots of rocks jutting out from the sand. It was a 900m walk to the lighthouse (hills of course) and on the way, we saw a penguin and tons of seals. The view was awesome, but the wind was insane. I got so nervous getting my phone out, I thought it was going to blow away out of my hand.

We decided to skip the waterfall because we spent so much time at the lighthouse. The weather is looking pretty dicey, hopefully, it holds off just a little bit longer.

Omg! We found the green gypsy bus and it was the greatest thing ever. It was basically just an
ADHD kids paradise. You could play with everything that this artist had created. It was all hooked up with circuits, lights, and sounds. I loved the piano – every key was hooked up to a different thing that made a sound. The electric toothbrush and old radio made cool sounds. When we first arrived Grace pushed this button and got squirted in the face. A very well spent $5 – the hot chocolate I got was good too.

When we arrived at Cathedral Caves we quickly realized we should have been there earlier. The place was packed and we only had an hour to explore due to the tide coming in. The walk down was killer (the walk back up was worse). We got to the cave and the water was just below knee height. We went inside and had a little explore before boosting it out of there before we got trapped – I mean boosting, I had to run and I got soaked as this wave smoked us.

Grace, Mike and I had a little picnic lunch in the sun which was so nice. Grace made us sandwiches with our yummy Ferg-baker bread. Not sure where the others are, but they never showed up. Off to Invercargill!

We stopped in and got some alcohol before going to the campground. I was so surprised how crazy cheap alcohol here is. I got some Malibu! Delicious…makes me miss puppy though. We did a big van clean up and got all sorted for the next few days, before adventuring off to Bluff. We detoured to one of mum’s rental properties which was an absolute dive. Bluff was windy…and I mean extreme wind. We had an early dinner at this amazing restaurant on the water. It looked like you were dining on a boat because all you could see was the ocean. The food was okay. It was a typical expensive restaurant, more money, and less food.

We left bluff to head up the hill to the lookout tower. As we were driving away we realized we hadn’t even got to the top. Whoops! Too tired and cold. We decided it was finally time change up the cars so we had an all girls car. It was great. We went and got petrol and dessert supplies to make a feast while we play hearts in the common room. I came 2nd! So close. I wish I was tired, but I’m not. Tomorrow will be rough.

South Island Travel Diary: Day 6

January 1st, 2017

Wanaka to Dunedin

Highlight: The view from Tunnel beach
Lowlight: Not seeing any penguins!

Hello 2017!

It’s only going to take 2 months of writing this to get it right! Started the day off with another 500m walk to the toilet (won’t be missing that).

We set off early to try and beat the RNA traffic. We made a pit stop at the Cardrona Hotel for Courtenay and Aiden to grab their hidden alcohol and of course for a photo opportunity. It’s such a cute hotel with an amazing outdoor area. I would love to stay here in the middle of winter sometime.

Before hitting the road to Dunedin we stopped by Puzzle Word and retrieved our hidden alcohol (stoked it was still there). The drive to Dunedin was long. I am so surprised with how exhausting the driving is, and I am only being the passenger. The wind was gnarly and it was quite sketchy being blown around the road. We stopped in Alexandria and started the year off with dirty KFC in a park. Well the girls did, the boys went healthy and got subway (losers).

Arriving in Dunedin was beautiful. The buildings are really old and funky looking. The whole city sits among the hills surrounding the harbor. It looks like an awesome place to live. Dan, Mike and I drove around the Otago Peninsula to get to Lanarch Castle. I loved the history behind the castle and especially climbing to the top of the turret to enjoy the views.

We then decided to mission it to the top of the peninsula to try and see some yellow-eyed penguins, seals, and albatross. I saw an albatross as we first pulled up and their wingspan is massive. There were some seals on the rocks, but mostly it was stinky seagulls squawking around. We ran out of time and didn’t get to see any penguins (this is becoming a bit of a theme for the trip, and it’s making me sad).

Once we got back to the hotel we met up with Grace and had a drink at Mac’s Brew Bar. Malibu and Cole nom nom nom! Then we wandered off down to the train station to be tourists. Did I mention how beautiful the buildings are here? The city center is pretty deserted today (obviously not a New Years hotspot). Lots of restaurants are closed and there is hardly anyone about. Thankfully Velvet Burger was open. I got the ‘Big Bird’ which had chicken, bacon, brie, apricot sauce and tons of other goodness. We ate our burgers in the middle of the octagon and it was an amazingly chill dinner after a long day.

Time for tunnel beach! 9 pm and we decide we want to see this infamous beach. Little did we know it was an hour long trek involving a high level of fitness. I made it about halfway down before I gave up. I got some awesome pics though. Mike went right down and walked along the top, he even climbed down these natural steps, through a cave and onto the beach (I was pretty jealous of this). The wind was still crazy strong and big black clouds were rolling in fast). After the beach, we sorted our petrol for tomorrow’s adventures. Grace, Mike and I chilled in our hotel and some drinks to take the edge off.

I was a bit grumpy today. Little things were bothering me and I shouldn’t have let them. Lying in bed at the hotel is life!  

South Island Travel Diary: Day 5

December 31st, 2016

Rhythm and Alps

Highlight: Dancing on the stump with Grace to young Tapz and meeting Charlie, Shazza, and his entourage.
Lowlight: The douchebag in the crowd that made me super down buzz

It’s New Year’s Eve!

This time last year I was in Waikawau bay and it was windy, cold and the rain was coming. I feel like the odds of having a fantastic night are much higher this year. I woke up at about 7 am and took the 500m walk to the worlds most disgusting portaloos. I then decided that being up at 7 am was too hard and went back to sleep till 10.

Today was a pretty chill day. We just sat around, ate and drank for the majority of it. Courtenay and I chilled in her campervan just chatting before we decided to get ready. That was probably the best part of the day. We were cranking the beats and just having good banter.

Courtney hooked me up with some dope braids and put in my hair rings for me. I loved my hair rings but it was seriously bloody freezing! I should have worn my damn puffer. Young Tapz was great (except when Courtenay took a can to the face thanks to some douchebag). I loved dancing on the giant tree stump with Grace, probably my highlight of the night.

The next few acts were pretty bad. Six 60 played the most down buzz set and after dealing with douchebags in the crowd, Mike and I bailed out towards the exit for the countdown. Then Six60 messed up the countdown and fireworks began as they were playing. Pretty lame New Year’s Eve. I am now in bed and ready for Dunedin tomorrow.

South Island Travel Diary: Day 4

December 30th, 2016

Glenorchy to Rhytmn and Alps

Highlight: Dancing to Dub FX while the sunset & getting drunk

Lowlight: The crew was pretty grumpy today. It was hard to remain positive.

We started the day by hitting snooze twice! That means we slept…I am a bit sore and groggy. I Straightened my hair this morning to feel slightly human. We began our day with a 40-minute walk around a lagoon in Glenorchy. It was so nice to start the day with fresh air before we spend hours upon hours in the campervan again.

We then all had a nice cooked breakfast at the Speights Invincible Bar. I had eggs Benedict (surprise surprise). From here we wandered down to the lakefront so I could get my token photo of the big red Glenorchy shed. We walked along the wharf and I video called my sister to show her the incredible views. Absolutely amazing. The dumb thing is you can’t capture the beauty in a single photo because it is so vast. Maybe time for a drone?!

We can’t-do the Shot-over jet today because there isn’t enough space, so we are going to move that to somewhere later in our trip when we come back to Queenstown. We also booked the Skyline gondola and dinner, which I’m so excited for. BUFFET! Grace and Dan have disappeared for a swim, so now we are getting organized to head to Puzzle World!

We have left Glenorchy and we got to drive that amazing road again! We made a quick stop in Queenstown and I had the most amazing pork belly pie from Ferg-Baker. We sat and ate it, in this tiny park in the middle of town. I would have liked to explore Queenstown more, but we have run out of time! Going to have to come back here for sure.

Dan decided he wanted to join us on our Puzzle World mission. 4 in the van?! Now we are getting sketchy. We picked up a bunch of supplies for RNA and loaded the campervan to the max. As we were driving out of a town an ambulance came past and we got a little sketched out about our illegal driving…so we were back to three in the front!

We drove the sketchiest road to Wanaka. It felt like we were driving to the sky. The view was definitely worth it though. Once we got to Wanaka we explored Puzzle World. We chose to do the combo, which included the illusion rooms and the maze. I loved the room that was on the tilt the best, even though it made me feel quite sick. We took some cool photos and mucked around for a bit. We then had a go at the maze, by this time it was so bloody hot that Mike and I bowed out without finding any of the colours. Grace and Dan definitely won, they annihilated the maze so quickly.

Throughout the entire day, we were really worried about sneaking liquor into the campground. We had driven
past earlier and seen cars being thoroughly searched. Me, being the stick to the rules girl I am, felt really panicked to attempt to bring stuff in. So long story short, all our bottles of spirits are currently hidden in a bush in Wanaka, waiting for our retrieval.

We finally got to RNA after another long day of driving and adventures….and you guessed it, they didn’t even search our van! All that panic for nothing. The guy at the gate did say, If he caught us with stuff we would be kicked out. Lucky Grace isn’t a chicken so we drank her hidden bottle! Woop. Once we got our campervans set up, we went on a find the toilets and shower mission. Disgusting and unsanitary. Wet wipes for us till Dunedin. The showers are public and completely open and the Toilets are a short drop. You can literally see all the piss and shit. I want to dig a hole instead. Now that we are settled in for two days, we went off to watch Ocean Alley. They were so good

Once we got our campervans set up, we went on a find the toilets and shower mission. Disgusting and unsanitary would be the nicest way to describe the facilities. Wet wipes for us till Dunedin. The showers are public and completely open and the Toilets are a portaloos drop. You can literally see everything piled up…some are even piled up above the seat itself. I want to dig a hole instead. Now that we are settled in for two days, we went off to watch Ocean Alley. They were so good

Now that we are settled in for two days, we went off to watch Ocean Alley. They were so good live! After watching them we loaded up our wrist tags with money and let the debauchery begin. There are so many amazing food trucks here, it was almost pointless stocking up on food. I had loaded fries with shredded pork on them! Delicious. After Ocean Alley finished Grace, Mike and I wandered back to the campsite to get freshened up and take shots.

I loved getting all glammed. I wore my mermaid lipstick and Grace’s flower crown. Back into the madness, we went and it was totally worth it! Dub FX was outstanding. There was something surreal about dancing drunk in the middle of a field, with complete strangers while the sun is setting. Devilskin came on and the vibe was killed! Not my cup of tea. Back to the food trucks I went. This time I got a yummy pork belly wrap (clearly addicted to pork today).

The night is done and dusted and I have headed back to the campervan to write my diary and hopefully get some sleep (Mike has already coma’d and is snoring loudly). I am surprisingly looking forward to round 2 tomorrow. I can still hear the sounds pretty loud, I wonder if I can pretend it’s the fan, I miss my fan.

South Island Travel Diary: Day 3

December 29th, 2016

Tekapo to Glenorchy

Waking up this morning, I feel like I barely slept at all. I was absolutely freezing and uncomfortably squished in the small space available (due to the missing piece from our van). The mission today will definitely be to get more blankets and sort out the bed situation, or grumpy Kassey will be attending the trip…and she’s not welcome.

My throat is quite sore, probably just from the stress of yesterday and lack of sleep. I got up at 6 am to go toilet and went on a walk to pass some time. This was quite a nice way to start the day. I just walked around the lake front on my own.

Grace and Mike got up at 6:30 and we went on a little wander back down to the lake. I took my stabilizer out for a spin and got some awesome footage. I am obsessed with the wild flowers that grow here. They make me so happy when they pop up along the drives.

Once everyone got up we all went and did our own thing. We went back to the Church of the Good Shepard and then drove to the field of flowers and the welcome to Tekapo sign. We mucked around here for a bit and got some cool photos before getting a second breaky (the up and go’s are useless).

At 10 am we all met up at the lake Tekapo Hot Springs. $25 to get in, but bloody worth it! Such a nice way to start the day. We soaked, laughed and chilled for just over an hour. The view from the springs was amazing. The infinity pool had the best view but was, unfortunately, the coldest. I didn’t last long in there. There was a bit of chill in the wind and I wanted to stay warmies. There was also an adult pool set to 38 degrees, I lasted all of 2 minutes in there. That one was to hot…guess I’m pretty fussy.

We left the springs ready to see the Clay Cliffs but quickly pulled off down the Mount John Observatory road. The man at the gate told us it was a million dollar view for only $8. He wasn’t wrong!!

The road was sketchy as hell and I am pretty sure I white knuckled the van the whole way up and down. We basically drove up this narrow windy Mountain to see the most amazing view of Lake Tekapo and the surrounding Mackenzie Country views. We got some cool group shots and just sat and looked out for a while.

We then headed towards Twizel. We stopped off at Lake Pukaki for a toilet stop and a leg stretch. When we rounded the corner we could just see the top of Mount Cook through the clouds. I hope we get another chance to see this. It quickly disappeared the lower into the valley/basin we got. Oh and I got a delicious feijoa ice block, how could I forget that?!

Once we got to Twizel we found a placemakers and got an off cut of ply to have as our bed replacement piece. We are lucky we found this along the way because I don’t think we would have made it to Queenstown before shops closed…and I couldn’t have done another night of no sleep. The lady pitied us and gave it to us for $10! #legend

Off to the clay cliffs we go!

Gravel roads, winding roads, turn the corner and holy crap, clay cliffs! So bloody stunning and random against the scenery. We were able to drive right up and then walk into the cliffs. Some awesome photo opportunities there. The funny thing is when we drove past them from the other side of the plains they looked insignificant against the landscapes. They needed to be appreciated up close. I loved the river that wove past the clay cliffs, the current was scarily strong, but the colours were so blue.

Back in the vans and the next destination was Queenstown. Are we over driving yet? the answer is yes. We Stopped off in Lindis Pass for a leg stretch and photo opp. We are currently boosting to Queenstown. We need blankets and are very hungry because we haven’t had time to stop for lunch. How does this happen? My day at home revolves around meals?!

Grace has convinced me to do the Shotover jet. I am already scared as.

We finally got to Queenstown after a stupid detour through Arrowtown, that added another 30 mins to our increasingly long trip. We boosted to the warehouse and got some more supplies. A blanket, a pillow, ponchos and Aloe Vera (for my sunburn, yes Mum I have already managed to get sunburned…I blame you for making me a ginger).

We then went to McDonald’s for dinner. I really didn’t want to eat greasy food so I kept it light. Which was kinda dumb coz I’m hungry now. #firstworldproblems

The drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy was breathtaking. I can see why they say it’s one of the best drives in the country. You are surrounded by mountains (tall, small, green and some even covered in snow, in the middle of summer) all while you drive (winding) alongside the massive lake. It was about 44km and we hadn’t even done one side of the lake! This is just indescribable, I can’t wait to drive it again tomorrow.

We got settled into our campsite at Mrs Wolley’s and made a game plan for tomorrow. I am excited for some morning adventures before RNA.

We chilled outside having a few drinks until the bug situation got so bad, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Now let’s pray I get a decent sleep on our ‘new and improved’ bed. Currently busting to pee (even though I just went) and trying to decide if it’s worth it.


1. Horses in the flowers at Tekapo
2. The view at the top of Mount John (silent sequel, we were in awe)
3. Ahuriri River
4. River by the clay cliffs
5. Clay Cliffs

Mood: Blown away by everything we did today! Exhausted and ready to be snuggled up and warm.

Highlight: Being over taken by a bus, just kidding! It’s a hard one, everything was so breathtaking, but probably the view from Mount John

Lowlight: Getting sunburnt. I only lasted 3 days!!

Weather: started crisp but sunny. Began drizzling after lunch but that passed quickly. Beautifully sunny with a cold wind at the end of the day. 🌤🌬

Quotes of the day:

“I have never seen a fat person ride a horse, put it that way”

“She changed colour”

“I am so excited for puzzely world”

“I took a piss and turned some dirt into clay, and I was like GROSS!”

South Island Travel Diary: Day 2

December 28th, 2016

Christchurch to Tekapo

The day started off with me not being able to sleep in (surprise surprise). We spent the morning making sure we were armed and ready for the big adventures!

Aiden rung the camper van company, the vans were there but needed to be cleaned. Sigh!

We decided to walk down to the Pirate’s mini golf that was about 1km from our hotel, we needed to kill some time. It was a pretty cool course. Grant won and I came last, no surprises there! My technique is a bit lacklustre and was making everyone laugh. I like to go with the strategy and smack it and hope.

After mini golf, we were all starving (the Up & Go’s didn’t quite do the trick). We wandered down the road and got some subway, we then decided to mission it over the highway to get too lucky rentals…little did we know it was closed and we had to jump some fences and run across the highway. My inner Hermione was not coping very well with this. Especially when we had to physically move a barricade. A life of crime is definitely not in my future.

We got to lucky rentals and it was insanely busy. We then discovered our van wasn’t ready because the windscreen was cracked and needed to be fixed. A couple in front of us had been waiting 2 hours, this was quite a frustrating process.

We left to go and get supplies (they lent us a car, thankfully – really it was the least they could do). This ended up costing more than I had hoped and it was busy. I have never seen a shopping centre be this busy before. Parking was a nightmare and everyone was pretty short and heated with one another – I blame Lucky Rentals for that too.

We went back to Lucky rentals and had to wait another hour and a half. It wasn’t until 5 pm that we got our vans. Pretty disappointed with the company and would never ever rent through them again.

We finally began our journey to Tekapo. We decided to go the scenic route (recommended to us by our uber the night before). I was extremely happy with this choice! Instead of straight down the motorway, we drove along the mountains and through a gorge. It was pretty grey and bleak by the time we left, but I can imagine that this drive is even more stunning in the sunshine.

We quickly realised we were going to miss out on going to the hot springs due to the length of the drive ahead of us, which I was very upset about, as this was going to be one of my highlights!

Along the drive Grace jumped in the back and organised all of our stuff, we tried sitting 3 across but it was far too squishy. Grace chose to just chill out in the back instead – we will see how long this lasts until we get a ticket. She looked amazingly comfy, but I would be too chicken to get a fine… and knowing me I would get caught.

We stopped in Geraldine for some dinner and found this amazing cafe on the main straight. Seriously one of the best takeaways burgers I have ever had. I had the Jucy Lucy, minus the pineapple! It was this delicious chicken and bacon burger. Grace shouted me an ice cream (she also shouted me a kinder chocolate and RedBull today, so I owe her), and I loved it! It was this yummy caramel toffee magnum with crunchy pieces (might get another one tomorrow).

We squealed a few times at the sights we saw:

1. The Rakaia Gorge
2. The Southern Alps
3. The meadow of flowers before Tekapo
4. Lake Tekapo

Surprisingly it was still light when we arrived at 9 pm. We quickly pulled off and had a wee photography session at the dog statue and the Church of the Good Shepard. I was however still dressed for summer and it was bloody freezing, so this didn’t last long.

I want to go back to the field of flowers tomorrow and take some pics.

It was finally time to set up the vans…you would think our luck had changed, but no! The vans were missing the middle piece to mine and Mike’s bed. The gang made a makeshift middle piece with their tables, but you can’t put any weight on it. So gutting after an already frustrating day.

I have chosen to go to bed early and not hang with everyone outside, just because I need some chill out time to avoid the mega breakdown I can feel coming. I really hope I can get a decent nights sleep tonight and suss something tomorrow.

Mood: A very stressful and frustrating first day!
Highlight: Seeing Lake Tekapo at dusk 🗻🌅
Lowlight: The van experience as a whole 😡😭

Weather: cloudy, windy and drizzling

Quotes of the day:

“WOW! Irrigation” – Kassey

“I feel like I am in a Mexican restaurant” – Kassey

“I got you fam” – Mike

South Island Travel Diary: Day 1

December 27th, 2016

Hamilton to Christchurch

This morning I woke up at  5:30 am. I was so excited and anxious about our trip, that I somehow managed to stress myself awake.  

Kaylah and I got ready and headed into MAC to pick up a nice lippy with my voucher. We then proceeded to blob out for the day until it was time to leave for our flight. Killing time was really hard because I was so eager to get going. Who books their flights for late afternoon?! Crazy people. 

I had a lot of anxiety surrounding the trip, and even though I am currently safe in Christchurch, I am still having those nervous butterflies. The flight was pretty bumpy. I spent a lot of time latched onto Mike’s leg. I watched a couple of random things on Netflix but was having trouble concentrating on my phone with all the dipping and turning. Once we landed I felt pretty sick and it took a while for my ears to come right. Thankfully I am snuggled up in bed and feeling pretty chill now. 

We got to the hotel in one piece and I am pleasantly surprised with where we are staying. Our 3 bedroom apartment is perfect for everyone. Mike and I scored the big room with the giant bed and two person shower. Woop!

Once we dumped all our bags and changed we wandered through the city centre trying to find a place to eat. It is crazy to me how much destruction and ruin is mixed in with modern and new architecture throughout the city. We stopped by the cathedral, which was so surreal for me because the last time I was here, they were attempting to save it. I feel pretty thankful that I have seen this building whole and got to experience walking through it before it was destroyed. 

We carried on walking (I reckon we did about 5km) to try and find Pot Sticker Dumpling House, but we had no luck as they were closed. Instead, we stumbled upon this edgy little alleyway called Stranger lane. There were 3 different themed restaurant/bars down the lane and you could sit anywhere and order from each. I loved the vibe there! I ordered this chicken and waffles meal, which was too sweet because it was drenched in Maple Syrup. Mike got this pork belly wrap that looked delicious and we shared some curly fries. We had a couple of drinks there, my fav was the moonshine mojito (which Mike got overcharged for, but he didn’t wanna argue…my boy is just too darn nice).

We then decided to walk to a bottle store and get some alcohol for the next few days, but the walk took ages (because we were all so full) and we ended up just going to Pak n Save to get breakfast stuff instead. It was pretty obvious everyone was tired and crabby by this stage.
We caught an Uber back to the hotel and all showered and jumped in bed.

I am annoyed at myself for forgetting my camera at the hotel. I only have random photos on my phone of today. I will endeavour to do better tomorrow. I hope we don’t get stuck without our vans for too long tomorrow. I am nervous because we have heard awful things about Lucky Rentals since we booked with them. 


Weather: Hot on arrival, then cloudy but still warm!

Mood: Ready for adventure!
Highlight: Walking through Christchurch city
Lowlight: The plane ride ✈️