I’m Kaylah Weastell, the little sister, and co-founder of Paperluster.

To some, an eight-year gap may seem like a lot but we are more alike than we’d like to admit. Together we share the passion for travelling, reading and create the ultimate blanket fort on a rainy day.

Roaming Fever

I remember the exact moment that I decided I wanted to travel. Kassey and I were watching ‘Holiday In The Sun’ a Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen film where they travel to the Bahamas and basically have an epic time. I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh my goodness, I want to go on that exact waterslide’, as my 7-year-old self would. So, of course, we made a pact that for my 13th Birthday, Kassey (21 Years) would take me on an all expenses covered trip to the Bahamas, it’s safe to say that we’ve always been dreamers because it never happened.

Ever since then I’ve been lost in my own little dream lands travelling this extraordinary place we call Earth.

Hobbies & Happiness

I find my greatest happiness in spending time with the people I love. I also get an immense amount of pleasure from a good book to the point where I’m so lost in the wonderful world of words that I stay up until hours way past midnight.

Music also plays a huge role in my life. I am a self-taught guitarist and I’ve had a year’s worth of vocal training which was such a learning curve for me so I’m incredibly grateful that my dad FORCED me to go.

I love photography and filmmaking but the opportunity has never presented itself for me to share this passion with the world, I hope this can be a platform for me to do so.

Sister Time

This is what Kassey and I call our time together or ‘sister date’ or ‘sister fun’ or ‘sister reading party’, which in my opinion, there is no better party. We spend almost every weekend together and annoy the crap out of her boyfriend without meaning to, he still loves us though. Kassey did mention that we didn’t have the ‘I hate you, you’re so annoying’ phase but let’s be real, the little sister is ALWAYS annoying to the older one. I used to steal her stuff and keep it in a secret hiding place in my wardrobe until our mum snapped me out one day, this story is forever told at family gatherings.

I love that when Kassey and I hang out it’s always an adventure, even if we are just driving up the road to get snacks. Life will always be exciting because I’ve got a built-in partner in crime that I can forever count on.

Where to next…

I’ve never really been a goal setter and have always just gone with the flow of my life. But after some personal reflection recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to set goals and work towards accomplishing them.

A big one for me is becoming a healthier person, both physically and mentally. The goal is to be stronger in all aspects of my life and I’ve joined a gym to kick start this ‘new me’.

To travel has always been on my bucket list but lately, I’ve actually been saving towards a trip, that is still in the planning process, but hopefully I can put it into motion next year.

Although I love my job and the people I work with, I feel like I was destined for greater things.

Ultimately I want to do the things I love more often than not.

“Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.”