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Sorting My Life Out (And Others Goals for 2017)

Lists are my thing!

I am obsessed with list making, purely because I love the satisfaction of ticking something off. That being said, I am terrible at putting myself first and doing things just for me.

I don’t want to say this is the year of ‘me’ because I feel like that gives you an excuse to be selfish (which is not my style). But I am going to try and put my own wants and needs first and say ‘no’ to things I don’t actually want to do. In my wise old age I have come to learn that no one else is putting you first, so you have to do this yourself.

2017 Goals

1. Write more

I don’t mean write a whole book, because I just have the time for that. I have so many ideas and half started projects that I just would like to force myself to sit down and write more.

2. Get back into Bookstagram-ing

I haven’t posted since May last year. When I was posting it was such a blast and I loved making little themed photo-shoots. The book buying hasn’t slowed down, so I probably have at least 30+ books I haven’t photographed.

My bookstagram –

My Aesthetic bookstagram –

3. Tweet more

Again this is a time thing. I have had some great chats with fellow book lovers on Twitter. I want more of this!

4. Expand on the traffic that visits my blog

I probably need to up my social media game for this!

5. Get a new bookshelf

Mine is almost full and the overflowing-ness is ruining my themed shelves

6. Read 100 books from varying genre

I am so bad for just reading the same two genre. I need to expand out more and read some books I wouldn’t normally go for. #booksnob

7. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series

I can’t believe I have never done this. I read them as a teen and haven’t picked them up since. I think I am scared I won’t love them as much as the first time.

8. Take more photos for my travel instagram

This means go more and places and take more pictures. Check out some of my favourite photos from my South Island trip –

9. Take the time to do things I want to do, even it means doing them alone

I like to think I am independent, but this last year I discovered that’s not very accurate. I am independent when it suits, but ultimately would rather be with others. I think I would benefit from going on some adventures alone this year.