Anticipated Reads


Anticipated Reads: August

How do you counter your ever growing TBR shelf? You add more books of course. I currently have 14 books on my TBR shelf that are being released this month. I have managed to narrow it down to my top 5. Enjoy!

1 –  How to Disappear

Release Date: August 15th
A contemporary novel about a girl who invents her own social life by photoshopping herself into other people’s pictures. This speaks to my introverted soul. It is really easy to have an online persona, but what happens when people demand you to be ‘seen’?

2 – After the Game

Release Date: August 22nd
The third instalment in the ‘Field Party’ series. I absolutely loved the first two novels in this series, so I know this one is going to be just as good. It is finally Riley’s story! The girl who fled town after accusing the towns golden boy of rape. What happens when she goes back to a town where no one has her back?

3 – You Don’t Know Me But I Know You

Release Date: August 29th
Audrey has a letter for her biological mother tucked deep in the back of her closet. When she discovers she is pregnant her life begins to fall apart at the seams and she begins to question everything. Who is Audrey? A story about unconditional love and choosing a future you truly want. Sounds like this one is going to give me the feels.

4  – These Things I’ve Done

Release Date – August 1st
The simplicity of this cover had me. A contemporary fiction about a young girl who accidentally causes her best friends death. A year later she is still struggling to come to terms with the consequences. This sounds similar to ‘Before I Fall’ and ‘If I Stay’. #excited

5 – A Map for Wrecked Girls

Release Date: August 15th
Sisters stranded on an island. I need not say anything else, plus I would have chosen this based on the cover alone.

What books are you looking forward to getting your hands on this month?

Anticipated Reads: June

How do you counter your ever growing TBR shelf? You add more books of course. These are my most anticipated reads that are being released in the month of June.

1 – Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children #2)

Release Date: June 13th
I loved ‘Every Heart A Doorway’ and have been waiting ever so patiently for its sequel. To discover it is Jack and Jill’s story has me desperate to get my hands on this. If you haven’t read the first one, then it is an absolute must. The quirky characters and uniqueness of the plot is utterly captivating.

2 – The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Release Date: June 27th
This book had me at its cover! Then to discover it is is a GLBT fantasy romance I was practically squealing with delight. I can’t wait to purchase this and just stare at it on my bookshelf.

3 – Everything All At Once

Release Date: June 6th
24 Dares, 3 weeks and take the leap – what a tagline! Then to discover this book is about mental illness. This is one of my favourite YA book tropes. When it is done well (bows down to ‘All the Bright Places’) it can be a life changing read.

4 – Words in Deep Blue 

Release Date: June 6th
Love letters tucked inside books, in a bookshop…you need not say anything else about this. I am a sucker for a love story and the cover is literally loads of blue books. It is going to look so pretty on my bookcase.

5 – The Impossible Vastness of Us

Release Date: June 27th
Moving across country, a love story, wealthy characters and everything, not all it is cracked up to be. Sounds like a great rainy day speed read. The cover is intriguing and best not mean a love triangle!

What are you dying to get your hands on this month?