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4 Stages Of A Book Depression

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The Mindblown Stage

I’m not really sure there’s any other way to describe this phase after reading a depressingly good book. This is the point right as you turn the last page and realise that there is no more story to read. The exact moment your heart sinks to the pit of your stomach and you’re just in complete awe of the author that just blessed your life with the most beautiful book you could ever imagine (in that moment of course). A second later the what next questions consume your mind and you’re not really sure if you’re thinking in regards to the book itself, your life or both because if you’re anything like me, reading consumes your world.

The Dream Vs Reality Stage

I don’t know about you but once I’ve finished reading a really good book, I feel so connected to the characters and the storyline that I find myself thinking about it ALL OF THE TIME. For days after finishing a great book, I start having the most vivid dreams about the characters, the world and how I’d fit into it. To the point where I wake up and find that I’m disappointed to discover it wasn’t real. Great books exhaust every spare part in my mind which probably isn’t a good thing when I’m at work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Daydreaming will be the death of me.

The Dibble Dabble Stage

This is the part where I try to move on (oh my goodness I’m relating books to break-ups, who have I become). This is where I try to pick up a new book, read a few chapters and then close it again because…let’s face it, I would be cheating on the previous one. I do this a few times until I get hooked into the world of words and it begins again.


Now that I’ve found another book that I can eat up, it’s time to move on. I put the characters and everything that was the book before, into the back of my mind because I’m finally ready to read a new book. Then I sit down, start turning pages and put myself through it all, all over again. #areaderslife.

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