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South Island Travel Diary: Day 2

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December 28th, 2016

Christchurch to Tekapo

The day started off with me not being able to sleep in (surprise surprise). We spent the morning making sure we were armed and ready for the big adventures!

Aiden rung the camper van company, the vans were there but needed to be cleaned. Sigh!

We decided to walk down to the Pirate’s mini golf that was about 1km from our hotel, we needed to kill some time. It was a pretty cool course. Grant won and I came last, no surprises there! My technique is a bit lacklustre and was making everyone laugh.Β I like to go with the strategy and smack it and hope.

After mini golf, we were all starving (the Up & Go’s didn’t quite do the trick). We wandered down the road and got some subway, we then decided to mission it over the highway to get too lucky rentals…little did we know it was closed and we had to jump some fencesΒ and run across the highway. My inner Hermione was not coping very well with this. Especially when we had to physically move a barricade. A life of crime is definitely not in my future.

We got to lucky rentals and it was insanely busy. We then discovered our van wasn’t ready because the windscreen was cracked and needed to be fixed. A couple in front of us had been waiting 2 hours, this was quite a frustrating process.

We left to go and get supplies (they lent us a car, thankfully – really it was the least they could do). This ended up costing more than I had hoped and it was busy. I have never seen a shopping centre be this busy before. Parking was a nightmare and everyone was pretty short and heated with one another – I blame Lucky Rentals for that too.

We went back to Lucky rentals and had to wait another hour and a half. It wasn’t until 5 pm that we got our vans. Pretty disappointed with the company and would never ever rent through them again.

We finally began our journey to Tekapo. We decided to go the scenic route (recommended to us by our uber the night before). I was extremely happy with this choice! Instead of straight down the motorway, we drove along the mountains and through a gorge. It was pretty grey and bleak by the time we left, but I can imagine that this drive is even more stunning in the sunshine.

We quickly realised we were going to miss out on going to the hot springs due to the length of the drive ahead of us, which I was very upset about, as this was going to be one of my highlights!

Along the drive Grace jumped in the back and organised all of our stuff, we tried sitting 3 across but it was far too squishy. Grace chose to just chill out in the back instead – we will see how long this lasts until we get a ticket. She looked amazingly comfy, but I would be too chicken to get a fine… and knowing me I would get caught.

We stopped in Geraldine for some dinner and found this amazing cafe on the main straight. Seriously one of the best takeaways burgers I have ever had. I had the Jucy Lucy, minus the pineapple! It was this delicious chicken and bacon burger. Grace shouted me an ice cream (she also shouted me a kinder chocolate and RedBull today, so I owe her), and I loved it! It was this yummy caramel toffee magnum with crunchy pieces (might get another one tomorrow).

We squealed a few times at the sights we saw:

1. The Rakaia Gorge
2. The Southern Alps
3. The meadow of flowers before Tekapo
4. Lake Tekapo

Surprisingly it was still light when we arrived at 9 pm. We quickly pulled off and had a wee photography session at the dog statue and the Church of the Good Shepard. I was however still dressed for summer and it was bloody freezing, so this didn’t last long.

I want to go back to the field of flowers tomorrow and take some pics.

It was finally time to set up the vans…you would think our luck had changed, but no! The vans were missing the middle piece to mine and Mike’s bed. The gang made a makeshift middle piece with their tables, but you can’t put any weight on it. So gutting after an already frustrating day.

I have chosen to go to bed early and not hang with everyone outside, just because I need some chill out time to avoid the mega breakdown I can feel coming. I really hope I can get a decent nights sleep tonight and suss something tomorrow.

Mood: A very stressful and frustrating first day!
Highlight: Seeing Lake Tekapo at dusk πŸ—»πŸŒ…
Lowlight: The van experience as a whole 😑😭

Weather: cloudy, windy and drizzling

Quotes of the day:

“WOW! Irrigation” – Kassey

“I feel like I am in a Mexican restaurant” – Kassey

“I got you fam” – Mike

About Kassey

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

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