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5 Apps I can’t Live Without

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  • Instagram


There is something so magical about Instagram. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through the images in absolute awe with the amount of creativity some people ooze. It blows my mind that you can search for one thing and not even end up in the place you thought you would. I love how the creative train just chugs along and inspires me to try something different and new, allowing me to step outside of my comfort zone. I’d also like to take a moment to appreciate Insta stories, they are life right now.


  • Audible


I love that after a long day at the office when I’m not in the right headspace to read, I can turn on an audiobook through Audible. It’s so relaxing and still, allows me to get in the same amount of ‘reading’ I would’ve otherwise. My favourite thing about it though is being able to lay in bed, close my eyes and just watch the story unfold in my mind.

  • Snapchat


From the fun filters to the hilarious stickers, Snapchat is definitely one of my faves. Being able to communicate with my friends in such a fun way, brings me so much joy. I love being able to send10-secondd videos/photos to friends back and forth because it is so much more personal than a simple IM. The bitmoji feature is absolutely amazing! Sometimes I don’t know how I’m feeling but somehow a bitmoji will describe it perfectly.

  • Netflix


Netflix is my life saver a lot of the time. Sometimes when I’m stuck on things to watch, I just take a little scroll through the content of Netflix and something always takes my eye. It also has the ‘download’ feature which is great when you’re going on a big road trip somewhere and you don’t have the internet to stream it/get bored in the car. I just binge watched Girlboss and I must say it was pretty damn good.


  • Goodreads


Ahh… last but not least, Goodreads. This app is amazing. My sister and I LOVE making lists and Goodreads is that but with books, the perfect combo! In saying that, I do have what seems like an endless list of ‘Want To Read’, but what can you do. It also has the ratings, comments and blurbs of almost every book in the world which for avid readers, is a dream come true.


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