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South Island Travel Diary: Day 1

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December 27th, 2016

Hamilton to Christchurch

This morning I woke up at  5:30 am. I was so excited and anxious about our trip, that I somehow managed to stress myself awake.  

Kaylah and I got ready and headed into MAC to pick up a nice lippy with my voucher. We then proceeded to blob out for the day until it was time to leave for our flight. Killing time was really hard because I was so eager to get going. Who books their flights for late afternoon?! Crazy people. 

I had a lot of anxiety surrounding the trip, and even though I am currently safe in Christchurch, I am still having those nervous butterflies. The flight was pretty bumpy. I spent a lot of time latched onto Mike’s leg. I watched a couple of random things on Netflix but was having trouble concentrating on my phone with all the dipping and turning. Once we landed I felt pretty sick and it took a while for my ears to come right. Thankfully I am snuggled up in bed and feeling pretty chill now. 

We got to the hotel in one piece and I am pleasantly surprised with where we are staying. Our 3 bedroom apartment is perfect for everyone. Mike and I scored the big room with the giant bed and two person shower. Woop!

Once we dumped all our bags and changed we wandered through the city centre trying to find a place to eat. It is crazy to me how much destruction and ruin is mixed in with modern and new architecture throughout the city. We stopped by the cathedral, which was so surreal for me because the last time I was here, they were attempting to save it. I feel pretty thankful that I have seen this building whole and got to experience walking through it before it was destroyed. 

We carried on walking (I reckon we did about 5km) to try and find Pot Sticker Dumpling House, but we had no luck as they were closed. Instead, we stumbled upon this edgy little alleyway called Stranger lane. There were 3 different themed restaurant/bars down the lane and you could sit anywhere and order from each. I loved the vibe there! I ordered this chicken and waffles meal, which was too sweet because it was drenched in Maple Syrup. Mike got this pork belly wrap that looked delicious and we shared some curly fries. We had a couple of drinks there, my fav was the moonshine mojito (which Mike got overcharged for, but he didn’t wanna argue…my boy is just too darn nice).

We then decided to walk to a bottle store and get some alcohol for the next few days, but the walk took ages (because we were all so full) and we ended up just going to Pak n Save to get breakfast stuff instead. It was pretty obvious everyone was tired and crabby by this stage.
We caught an Uber back to the hotel and all showered and jumped in bed.

I am annoyed at myself for forgetting my camera at the hotel. I only have random photos on my phone of today. I will endeavour to do better tomorrow. I hope we don’t get stuck without our vans for too long tomorrow. I am nervous because we have heard awful things about Lucky Rentals since we booked with them. 


Weather: Hot on arrival, then cloudy but still warm!

Mood: Ready for adventure!
Highlight: Walking through Christchurch city
Lowlight: The plane ride ✈️


About Kassey

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

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