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Long Way Home

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Long Way Home (Thunder Road, #3) by Katie McGarry
on January 31st 2017
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Family, High School, Realistic Fiction, Romance
Pages: 448

Reaction Upon Reading: I adore this series!

“Two roads. One path. Can’t take both.”


Seventeen-year-old Violet has always been expected to sit back and let the boys do all the saving.

It’s the code her father, a member of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club, raised her to live by. Yet when her dad is killed carrying out Terror business, Violet knows it’s up to her to do the saving. To protect herself, and her vulnerable younger brother, she needs to cut all ties with the club—including Chevy, the boy she’s known and loved her whole life.

But when a rival club comes after Violet, exposing old secrets and making new threats, she’s forced to question what she thought she knew about her father, the Reign of Terror, and what she thinks she wants. Which means re-evaluating everything: love, family, friends . . . and forgiveness.

Caught in the crosshairs between loyalty and freedom, Violet must decide whether old friends can be trusted—and if she’s strong enough to be the one person to save them all.


“I am not your property, I am not a dog … I am your equal, and I deserve the love and respect that comes with that because that’s what a real man does when he loves a woman.”

Overall Thoughts:

I seriously love this series. I am a sucker for a book that has anything to do with an MC!

I am excited that there is going to be another book, I had originally thought it was just going to be 3 books and then done. I have no idea who the 4th book could be about. I think Stone is too young but potentially Addison. I am just guessing at this stage!

I initially thought I wasn’t going to enjoy ‘Long Way Home’ because I found Violet to be really annoying in the previous two books. I also didn’t have any strong feelings about her relationship with Chevy, but McGarry has a way of writing about characters that completely draws you in. She gives you little pieces of information that have you yearning for more and like a ball of string, she slowly unravels them throughout the entirety of the story.

Violet and Chevy have a history. They were once a deeply in love young couple who grew up together surrounded by an MC. Violet’s father passes away and she is consumed by grief, anger, rage and fear…all of which is aimed at the MC she once considered family. Although it destroys her, she decides that breaking up with Chevy and distancing herself from the club is the best decision for her and her brother’s safety. Chevy’s father died before he was even born and he desperately wants to please his mother, who wants him to have nothing to do with MC…but the club is his family (literally) and Chevy needs to choose between Violet + his mother or the brothers he calls family.

The action was there from the first chapter. I couldn’t believe how suspenseful and tense it felt so early on, which then continued for the remainder of the book. Chevy goes to Violet’s house one night to check on her after a football game, only he doesn’t make it to her house because she is broken down on the side of the road with her brother, Stone. A rival MC comes rolling in and next thing we know Violet and Chevy are both physically assaulted and kidnapped…and so begins the spiral of deceit, deception, secrets and uncovering truths.

Chevy is probably my favourite male character from the entire series thus far. I love that he is ‘bigger’ than just the club. He is passionate about football and bloody good at it. He has strong family values and wants so desperately to please everyone in his life, even when that means he is being pulled in every direction. He is a character you see grow up from the start to the end and I think he makes the biggest transformation of all the characters throughout the series. What I love about Chevy is his honesty and how he is ‘good’ through and through.

I adore the covers of these books! They look so pretty in hardback on my shelf.

Bring on book 4!

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Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars

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27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

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