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Summer is officially over and I am going to spend the next 9 months pining until the hot weather, warm nights and longer hours of daylight return. Now it is time to escape into some Summer reads while I rug up for the cold, rain and miserable days spent indoors.

A book with a summery cover.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is such a fantastic book. The cover makes me feel like the warmth of the sunlight is shining right on me and if I look in the direction they are facing, I am sure to see the rolling waves reaching the shore.

A fictional place that would be the perfect destination for a summer vacation.

Hmmm this is a hard one. I am not big on being directly in the sunlight. Being red headed and fair skinned means I prefer places in the shade where I can observe others enjoying the sunshine. With that being said, my fictional summer destination would have to be Onslow from the ‘Summer’ series by CJ Duggen. I would get to party all summer, meet cute boys and make friends with some pretty kick ass girls.

You have a case of Summertime Sadness. What happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face?

This was a no brainer! I would definitely pick Carry On. I didn’t even take any time to think about this one, it was the first thing to pop into my head. I read this nearly a year ago and I still think about the characters, the setting and where they could be now quite often. I don’t know what it is about the book but magic, friendship and romance is always going to win me over. Simon and Baz forever!

You’re sitting at the beach all alone. Which fictional character would be your beach babe?

How the heck do you choose just one?! I am going to go with an obvious and cliche choice here. I choose Tobias Eaton. He is one of my all time favorite fictional characters. He’s brave and devoted to doing the right thing. Best of all he doesn’t feel the need to protect Tris, he loves her because of her strength. It also doesn’t hurt that he is covered in badass tattoos, is insanely athletic and gorgeous.

To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick! Which fictional sidekick do you pick?

Luna Lovegood! We would get some really odd ice cream flavors and talk about magic, boys, Ravenclaw, Quidditch and all the wonderful creatures that live in the forbidden forest. Then we would meet up with the others and go on a truly epic adventure.

Like a sunburn, what book has left you with a bad and/or painful ending?

I actually hate this book. How can you go from ‘Fault in our Stars’ to this? It is a completely pointless book that begins somewhere and goes nowhere. Ugh! If a girl named Alaska goes missing don’t even bother trying to find her.

Like a sunset, what book gave you the happiest feelings when it ended?

Ooooooh so many books make me happy. The one that stands out the most is ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. This book made me want to run away to Paris just to study all over again. Even writing about it now I have a silly smirk on my face. Awe young love!

If you are reading this, then I nominate you!

About Kassey

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

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