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Amour Amour

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Amour Amour (Aerial Ethereal, #1) by Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie
on December 12th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Family, Realistic Fiction, Realistic Fiction
Pages: 347

Reaction Upon Reading: I missed my circus calling!

“I’m in love with you,” I whisper.
He tries to smile but his eyes flood instead. “Don’t love me more than your dreams, myshka. Because I love you too much to let you give them up for me.”


Love is a circus

“Every day,” he says lowly, “I hold a person’s life in my hands. The circus is based one-hundred percent off trust. I give it all to someone, and they give it all to me.”

The best aerial technique won’t land 21-year-old Thora James her dream role in Amour—a sexy new acrobatic show on the Vegas strip. Thora knows she’s out of her element the second she meets Amour’s leading performer. Confident, charming and devilishly captivating, 26-year-old Nikolai Kotova lives up to his nickname as the “God of Russia.”

When Thora unknowingly walks into the crosshairs of Nikolai’s after-show, her audition process begins way too soon. Unprofessional. That’s what Nik calls their “non-existent” relationship. It’s not like Thora can avoid him. For one, they may be partners in the future—acrobatic partners, that is. But getting closer to Nik means diving deeper into sin city and into his dizzying world.

Thora wants to perform with him, but when someone like Nikolai attracts the spotlight wherever he goes—Thora fears that she’s destined to be just background to his spellbinding show.

“We all traverse in and out of people’s worlds, leaving footprints. Some larger, some smaller, but there is always a mark. We can’t sweep it away.”

Overall Thoughts: Recommended for 18+ readers only 

I am finally back on a reading buzz! I have been looking for that quick and entertaining read to get myself back on the bandwagon and lucky for me this was it. I mean…you had me at circus, then you add in Las Vegas and Russian gymnasts, it’s a no brainer!

Thora is the perfect character to root for. She is brave, strong, determined, honest and beautiful. She takes a chance and uproots her entire life, for a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform in the Aerial Ethereal show ‘Amour Amour’. She ditches out on her last year of college abandoning everything she has ever known to try out for the opening in the infamous aerial silk act. It has been her dream since as long as she can remember to perform with this troupe.

Nikolai Kotova is a Russian god. He is third generation circus performer and is the leading male in Amour Amour. If Thora is lucky enough to be cast she will be his partner. The theme of the show is love and Nikolai’s act is all about passion. He makes a weekly appearance every Saturday night at a club that Thora’s roommate just so happens to bar tend at. His is infamous with challenging patrons to competitions that they are destined to lose so that he can pierce of tattoo their bodies. Thora and Nikolai meet when she loses a one handed handstand competition to him and so begins their relationship.

What I loved most about this book was it was never mushy or unrealistic. Both characters valued their careers and never tried to hold the other one back. They did everything they could to support each other and be together, but they were never going to turn down the opportunities that might come their way. I think this is such a powerful message to send to anyone who reads this book. They both valued themselves first!

The secondary characters add so much flavour to the storyline – which is amazing because I almost always find them annoying in NA books. Nikolai is part of this big Russian circus family that goes back many generations. Each of the family members are so different from one another and I really enjoyed all their quirks and flaws. I especially his loved his 16 year old somewhat bratty sister.

I would almost say this book was some what of a slow burn in that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat wanting them to end up together. It just moved at a steady pace which was refreshing and enjoyable. We get the happy ending we so crave and the world of the Kotova’s is opened up for some spin offs.

I have heard the Ritches avoids the tried and true book tropes that seem to be overdone, which is great news. I am definitely going to be looking for what else she has written.  The future books in this companion series are supposed to follow different aerial ethereal shows and different characters…some we have already met!

Sidenote: Myshka is seriously the cutest pet name ever! 

What do you think about this standalone becoming a series?

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Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

27-year-old teacher. Currently living in New Zealand with aspirations to travel the world and photograph it all.

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